We are specialist and authorized dealer. So what makes us better than some of the rest of the spare parts shop is that we have e-catalogue which makes us more knowledgeble about the spare parts location and others. This e-catalogues is supplied by Ford and Mazda themselves.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's time to get a new look for your car?
Sun roof assembly for sale! Best price to go!

Can be used for:
1) Laser 2001-2003
2) Ford RS
3) Mazda 323

For more information, kindly contact our team through Facebook (Website link at left side of page), Whatsapp (012-3727018), email (kpa.kemuncak@gmail.com), or call (+60362577506/507/508).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

KEMUNCAK Parts and Accessories History

Good afternoon to all Ford Mazda Kemuncak Segambut supporters. Kemuncak Parts And Accessories Sdn Bhd is founded since the year of 1977 and set up in segambut. At the same time, the founders have set Ford and Mazda spare parts as their expertise. After the hard works for several months, the founders have successfully owned the dealership from Ford and Mazda. That's how we can supply  genuine parts to our fellow customers' lovely cars.

Since then, we have accumulated experience in spare parts for more than 38 years and these has turned our team into specialist and authorize dealer. These are the reasons that the size of our customers is still expanding after so many years. We not only provide original spare parts, we build relationship and trust among our customers.

Now Kemuncak Parts and Accessories is on Facebook and ready to provide more friendly, higher efficiency and even stronger connection to all of our loyal customers and to our new members indeed.

Thank you.


Selamat petang kepada semua penyokong Ford Mazda Kemuncak Segambut. Kemuncak Parts and Part Sdn Bhd diasaskan sejak tahun 1977 dan berduduk di Segambut. Pada masa yang sama, pemilik telah menetapkan Ford dan Mazda alat ganti sebagai pakar mereka. Selepas usaha-usaha selama beberapa minggu, pemilik telah berjaya menjadi pengedar dari ford dan mazda. Itulah bagaimana pelanggan kami boleh membeli original alat-alat ganti dari kami.

Sejak itu, kami telah mengumpul pengalaman dalam alat-alat ganti selama lebih daripada 37 tahun dan pasukan kami pun menjadi pakar dealer kepada peniaga. Ini adalah sebab-sebab yang jumlah pelanggan kami masih berkembang selepas bertahun-tahun. Kami bukan hanya menjual alat-alat ganti original, kita membina hubungan dan kepercayaan di kalangan pelanggan-pelanggan kami juga.

Sekarang, Kemuncak Part and Accessories sudah di Facebook dan bersedia untuk memberikan lebih mesra, kecekapan yang lebih tinggi dan sambungan yang lebih kukuh untuk semua pelanggan-pelanggan setia kami dan kepada ahli-ahli baru kami.

Sekian terima kasih.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Monday, August 13, 2012

For 626 83 1.8 2.0/ 929 83 / Lantis 4Door / MX5 92 94